Irish Peregrine found shot

A Peregrine falcon found shot in Portaferry has been put down by a vet after being found with an injured wing caused by a gunshot wound in County Down.  The injured bird was found by a member of the public by the side of the Craigaroddan Road in Portaferry at the weekend. The vet who examined […]

Irish Government bans poisons used to kill raptors.

Raptor Politics would like to thank once again Raptor Persecution for sharing the following important news item.   

New regulations came into force in the Irish Republic yesterday, finally banning the use of all poisons for pest control, apart from those used for rats and mice. This important move has been a long time coming, […]

English Hen Harrier- A Critical Moment, What Should Happen Next?

[singlepic id=240 w=250 h=152 float=left]The iconic bird of prey the hen harrier continues to teeter on the brink of extinction in the uplands of England the result of decades of persecution associated with the management of driven grouse moors. In 2008 Natural England published a report entitled “A Future for the Hen Harrier in England”. […]