A death trap for Egyptian Vultures in Sudenese West Africa

A joint expedition between BSPB (Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds) and the Sudanese Wildlife Society  has found 17 electrocuted Egyptian Vultures in an area near Port Sudan.  Follow the attched link to read the complete story published by the The European Raptors Biology and Conservation web site: High mortality through electrocution for migrating […]

New Report Confirmes Persecution wiping out Hen Harriers on UK Grouse Moors

[singlepic id=211 w=250 h=152 float=left]One of Britain’s most threatened birds of prey, the hen harrier, is being almost entirely eradicated from grouse moors in Britain because of systematic persecution, a new report has found. New data produced by Scottish Natural Heritage confirms just 1% of threatened birds of prey species bred successfully on grouse moors […]