Letter from Robin Walker MP – He Supports Natural England’s Position

[singlepic id=230 w=250 h=152 float=left]This is a copy of a recent letter sent by the Conservative MP for Worcester, Mr Robin Walker to one of his constituents Mrs Hyde providing his opinion of  the way eagle owls in this country should be treated. Significantly Mr. Walker has made is his position clear well before any Scientific evidence has been investigated or produced. Read what the MP has to say.

Dear Mrs Hyde,

Thank you for writing to me about the eagle owls in this country. While I appreciate that there are strong feelings from both sides, the Government’s policy in this area is clear, which is to minimise the risks posed, and reduce the negative impacts by non-native species in Britain.

The categorisation of eagle owls as non-native species is endorsed by Natural England, the Government’s advisor on the natural environment. Having looked into the case, I am inclined to support the Government plans to manage the eagle owl population in this country.

I know this will be disappointing to you, and I always regret the need for managing animal populations in this way, nevertheless there are times when I believe that it is necessary if based on sound and practical evidence.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Walker MP

18 comments to Letter from Robin Walker MP – He Supports Natural England’s Position

  • What sound and practical evidence, they haven’t got any yet, so does this mean that the Eagle Owls are quite safe?

  • Mike Price

    What worries me most about this letter is not his blind faith NE and the fact that they seem to have tried every underhand trick in the book to get this passed without any of the countries owl/raptor experts being involved or even having knowledge that it was going on, but the inference that a decision has already made been made and that the decision is to “control” Eagle Owls in Britain

  • Coop

    I’m repeating myself, I know, but nothing of any value is safe under this contemptible gang of liars.

  • nirofo

    If Mr Walker MP hopes to minimise the risks by a kull of Eagle Owls, he doesn’t state what these risks are so can only assume he means the demise by predation and persecution of Hen Harriers on Bowland and other areas. Then shouldn’t he include a kull of keepers which are also responsible UK wide for the demise and persecution of not just Eagle Owls, but all Raptor species.


  • It would be very interesting to see what Mr Walker , MP, states as his hobbies and pastimes and whether or not his faith in the impartiality of of the Government’s advisers stems from analysis of scientific fact or, shall we say, an interest in the countryside, ( or is it countryside interests?). Cynical maybe, but I’m of the opinion more than a little support is arising for NE’s apparent position from that quarter!!!

  • anthony sutcliffe

    This cull on eagle owls is disgrace, their is simply no evidence they have killed any hen harriers at all the only evidence found was hedgehog remains and grouse remains. No hen harrier remains people just want someone or some thing to blame for this and the eagle owl is getting the blame. We should be protecting them not killing them. I have 3 european eagle owls and bengal eagle owls they are magnifficante birds and a pleasure to work with and own they are gentle giants, and just before I go thank you for taking the time to read this but before you make any harsh decisions remember.THEIR IS NO EVIDENCE TO BACK THESE CLAIMS UP.
    Anthony Sutcliffe

    • Skydancer

      In appears to me the CCTV evidence may be important to understanding what may or what may not have taken place at the hen harrier nest which failed. The camera and any images it obtained belonged to the RSPB and therefore the copyright is owned by the RSPB, why then did the RSPB provide part of this footage obtained to the shooting media? In my view there can only be one answer to that very crucial question. No one else I understand has so far been given any access to the footage in total which was captured why?

      It appears that before jumping down into the hen harrier nest the bird captured by the CCTV alighted on top of the camera and was not attacking the hen harrier at all. I should imagine the owl and hen harrier were both surprised and of course we know that the hen harrier managed to fly away unharmed. This is perhaps the reason why the full information captured by the CCTV has not been made public. So if this scenario turns out to be true it puts a completely different slant on what really took place doesn’t it.

      Mr Walker MP will have consulted with Natural England about the whole Eagle Owl issue and his reply to Mrs Hyde will be based upon information he received from the government’s wildlife advisors.

      Clearly Mr. Walker’s reply points to a decision already made which does appears to have been based upon poor science. If the cull is approved by the government, I would like to know why is Natural England not doing more to bring to the government’s notice the factual reasons for the Hen Harrier population crash on England’s grouse moors? Natural England themselves have already published a damming report stating the one reason for this decline, illegal persecution.

      The current situation is a national disgrace for which the Eagle Owls have no responsibility. Before attacking Eagle Owls may I suggest Natural England should first address the issue of illegal persecution on grouse moors in England.

      Hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payer’s money has been wasted on the Hen Harrier recovery project over the last 10 years. Throughout this period not one additional stable Hen Harrier territory outside estates in the Forest of Bowland owned by United Utilities has been established to date, why?

      Perhaps someone reading this may feel inclined to write to Natural England (The Government Advisor on Wildlife issues) under the Freedom of Information Act requesting a complete transcript of any correspondence between themselves and The Rt Hon. Mr. Walker MP. This will I have little doubt emphasize the view of the government’s support for a cull.

  • |Che of Bowland

    Any of species of wildlife that comes into conflict with grouse or any other game birds on shooting estates in the Forest of Bowland and elsewhere will not be tolerated by game keepers.Eagle Owls will now be on the ( Bird of Prey,fox,weasel,stout hit list)..I would also like to know why the Tower of London Ravens are fed and protected by workers of the Royal household yet left to starve in game keepers traps in the Forest of Bowland

  • John Miles

    Contact Robin Walker MP fill in the form below.

    Alternatively you can write to Mr. Walker MP: Churchill House, 15 Sansome Place, Worcester WR1 1UA

    Pick up the phone and call his office on Tel: 01905 24058

    You should contact your Liberal Dem MP asking him/her if Mr. Walker is speaking on their behalf?

    • Skydancer

      I would just like to point out any decision to cull or remove eagle owls from the wild in the UK will in my view will now be based upon “political” rather that “scientific” considerations.

      Mr Robert Walker MP recently told one of his constituents; “The categorisation of eagle owls as non-native species is endorsed by Natural England, the Government’s advisor on the natural environment”.

      It appears obvious to me Natural England are supporting the removal of eagle owls to preserve their relationships with the owners of shooting estates. The problem with Natural England’s conclusions, they are conjecture.

      Far too many UK eagle owl records from the 18th Century exist to categorically claim they were never native at all in our country. Making the assumption all eagle owls in the UK are descendents of escapees is very dangerous and an irresponsible position to take, because the problem is no one knows for sure.

  • John Miles

    Alternatively you can start killing Pheasants, Red legged Partridge or anything else released by shooting estates as they are not native. Indirectly of course non native game birds cause vast amounts of damage as native Birds of Prey are then shot to protect these non native species. No law in this land can convict you of poaching as you were doing the country a favour removing these non native species from the environment.

  • Ian Yarrow

    What sound and practical evidence have you been given and by who?

  • Andy

    If these stories are true and DEFRA decides on a cull, I predict it will have massive consequences for conservation in the UK.

    A fair consultation would quickly conclude that the owls are not a threat and cannot conclusively be labelled “alien” so if the authorities decide otherwise then there is corruption somewhere. The ruddy duck cull was controversial and lost conservation bodies public support, but at least it was based on sound conservation principles. If an eagle owl cull goes ahead, there will be absolute outrage and the damage done to conservation in the UK will be catastrophic.

    I’m still clinging to the hope that those responsible for the decision realise this and these rumours are just that.

  • Coop

    Please get rid of the photo folks, I can’t read the thread properly when I’m nauseous! :)

  • It is very scary isn’t it but all these very young politians all look like David Cameron, perhaps he is cloning himself, be afraid, be very afraid.

    Have had an acknowledgement from Natural Eangland that they have read my letter, now all I need is a sensible reply

  • nirofo

    Perhaps we should have a photo of Gordon Brown then we can feel really nauseous, seriously lets get back to the point!

    It’s becoming obvious now, in fact it’s been obvious to a lot of “ornithologists” for a long time that there is collusion taking place between the shooting estates and Natural England. If this is not so, then why do they not have a concerted purge on the real Raptor persecutionists, namely the gamekeepers and their cohorts, pointing the finger of blame at the Eagle Owls is just a ridiculous ploy by Natural England to take the attention away from the real Raptor persecution problem, the shooting estate owners and their keepers.


  • Coop

    Exactly nirofo, and it’s my point that cameron and his mob will bend over backwards to do the bidding of the countryside areliars. They abuse our natural heritage on a daily basis, and are the complete antithesis of those who respect wildlife, and have at least some understanding of how ecosystems truly function.
    The truth is that the vast majority of “our” countryside is under the control of those who are connected to, or support the tory party, and while we continue to elect such individuals, their degenerate practices will always be a blight on our society.

  • nirofo

    I doubt if Cameron has any say in the matter, the end result would probably have been the same whichever mob was in goverment. Anyone who thinks the government are pulling the strings of this farce must have come from another planet. The majority of the UK is owned and controlled by a relatively small minority of highly connected and influential people, who are prepared to stop at nothing to ensure they will have the last say on what happens to our Raptors on their land, regardless of what they see as the nuisance but unenforceable wildlife protection laws.