The only pair of Golden Eagles successful rear young for the second season in the Czech Republic

Throughout the last 3 years we have been following efforts by scientists in the Czech Republic to reintroduce the golden eagle back into the wild with eaglets donated by colleagues in Slovakia. The last time a pair of Golden Eagle successfully reared any off-spring  in the republic was in 1893, 120 years ago.

Last year the first successful eyrie was located in northern Moravia fledging a single eaglet. Once again this year we are able to report a second success, but at a new location established in dense forest. Indeed the new eyrie was so well hidden it took almost 5 weeks of searching to locate the nest, by which time it already contained a well developed chick. We wish to thank the project leader Otakar Zavalski for providing the latest up to date video taken of the growing eaglet in his new home. We trust you will enjoy what we have been able to show you this season.

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New Season – New Hope for Egyption vultures in Greece and Bulgaria

In July, lifeneophron conduct regular monitoring of the Egyptian vultures in order to check some of the territories under question and identify the number of the chicks in the nests.


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Natural England has become a gopher of the landed classes claims George Monbiot


Stand up for England’s wildlife instead of capitulating to the lords of the land and their business interests. Listening to the National Farmers’ Union, the Countryside Alliance and the Country Land and Business Association, you could be forgiven for believing that the only people who live in the countryside are farmers and landowners.

Under Cameron Monbiot writing in the Guardian today claims, Natural England has been reduced from a semi-independent voice, sporadically defending wildlife and habitats, to a gopher for the landed classes. The Hampton Principle appears to have been reinterpreted to mean “do nothing that will interfere with a landowner’s economic interests, however damaging they may be.”

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Hen Harrier Day Supporters sat outside refurbished grouse Butts

Here is the latest image of supporters and members of the North West Raptor Protection Group sitting outside a recently refurbished Grouse Butt in the Forest of Bowland where on the 12 August the killing of thousands of Red Grouse will begin. This is the reason why the Hen Harrier is now on the verge of extinction throughout England. Please come and support us at Dunsop Bridge in the Forest of Bowland, Derbyshire and in Northumberland on 10 August to voice your disapproval at the illegal killing of Hen Harriers on our uplands.



Defra report to control Hen Harrier numbers on Grouse moors: Possibly a step too far!

Hen Harriers nesting on England’s uplands could have their nests stripped of eggs under a government-backed plan is approved to resolve the growing conflict between commercial grouse moors and bird conservation groups. If the Tory Government approve these proposals enabling shooting estates to legally control numbers of Hen Harrier on England’s uplands where Red Grouse are shot for sport, there will be a monumental public outcry. Why should an industry supported by criminal activity be given a get out of jail card?

Southern Lake District – Foulshaw Moss Osprey Chicks fledged yesterday 25/07/2014

Well it had to happen. The only images coming back from Foulshaw Moss osprey cam now are that of an empty nest. Yes all our chicks had successfully fledged by mid-day on 24th July. Two chicks went first and it took the last of our three chicks a further day before the courage arrived to make that first take-off. All five osprey are now roostng on site and can be seen flying to and from their feeding forays. Lets hope the new additions to the sky get the hang of feeding for themselves quickly. We expect the female to now think of making the long trip to western Africa. She will eventually be followed by the male and then all three chicks. And so ends a wonderful wildlife conservation story until next year …

Well done to everyone involved in this historic event, especially the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust

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Malta: Charging activists is a ‘birdbrained’ idea

Birdlife members have often brought the plight of injured and killed protected birds to public attention. Photo:?Chris Sant Fournier

Birdlife members have often brought the plight of injured and killed protected birds to public attention. Photo:?Chris Sant Fournier

The 2012 photo that ‘incriminated’ the NGO’s volunteers.
The 2012 photo that ‘incriminated’ the NGO’s volunteers.

“Legally correct but illogical” is how lawyers described a magistrate’s decision to order the police to charge six Birdlife activists with illegal possession of dead protected birds.

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Birdlife Malta receives award ‘for commitment to abolish spring hunting’


BirdLife Malta has received an award from the League Against Cruel Sports, “for its exceptional work and commitment to abolishing spring hunting on the Maltese islands”.

The award follows the League’s trip to the island in April to support Birdlife’s campaign to end the annual, three week spring hunt of migratory birds.

During the visit, a team from the League  worked with Birdlife and other organisations to monitor the spring hunting activity.

The award for Partner Organisation of the Year, was presented to Nicholas Barbara, Birdlife’s conservation manager during the League’s annual general meeting in London.

Red Grouse sales by Marks & Spencer shot to pieces after wide public outcry

marks and spencerIt just goes to show how public pressure can lead to minor miracles. Mark Avery this morning has announced on his blog ‘Standing up for Nature’, that  Marks & Spencer has taken notice of consumer pressure abandoning plans to sell red grouse in its stores this year. This result was undoubtedly achieved  after the consumer  threatened the company with a boycott by conservationists who were rightly concerned that gamekeepers are persecuting birds of prey on grouse moors to propagate more grouse.


Iconic Red Grouse, no longer on the menu at M&S following public outcry

Red Grouse it seemed proved highly popular with some M&S customers when it became the first supermarket chain to sell it last year. It was available in two London stores, High Street Kensington and Marble Arch, and M&S had hoped to sell grouse much more widely after the start of the grouse-shooting season next month, on the Glorious Twelfth.

This decision by Marks & Spencer provides more impetus for the growing  public pressure against the illegal killing of protected birds of prey on red grouse moors which could bring about an end once and for all to an industry driven by illegal practice.  Yes, this result indicates we may be closer to the  tipping point than anyone ever thought possible.

Driven Red Grouse Shooting: The ‘tipping point’ by Steve Mills

Is the clock ticking for grouse shooting? Or at least for ‘driven grouse shooting’, the more intensive form where the need for large numbers of grouse to be available for shooting creates ‘Dalek-like gamekeepers’ with a one-word vocabulary, ‘Exterminate! Exterminate!’ And that’s exactly what happens. Anything that might remotely eat a grouse chick is ruthlessly destroyed, particularly birds of prey. And, what’s more, just to be on the safe side, even creatures that don’t eat grouse – hares for instance – are often also exterminated. Why? Because they just might spread ticks to grouse and attract predators that could then help themselves to a grouse dinner. Hares, for God’s sake!